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Digital Enterprise: What can you get with Digital Growth Vouchers?

We're a Digital Enterprise supplier, so you can spend funding received from the programme with us. But what can we do for you? Well...

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Posted by Michelle
20 October 2017

The vouchers can be used to fund 50% of a £10,000 digital project – but what does that actually pay for?

Recently, we talked about how we're a supplier for Digital Enterprise, a fantastic business support programme based in Leeds that, among other services, gives funding to small to medium sized businesses looking to grow through an investment in digital technology.

The vouchers start at £1,000, and can be used to fund up to 50% of a project, up to a maximum of £5,000. So, the biggest saving you can make is 50% of a project worth £10,000 – though you can also apply for the full amount of £5,000 to contribute towards a project worth much more than that if you're looking to make a bigger investment in your digital activity.


Is your business eligible for funding?

There are a few rules as to who can apply – you need to be a B2B business based in the Leeds city region (which includes Kirklees and Calderdale, Wakefield, Selby, York, Bradford, Harrogate and Craven), employ fewer than 250 people, and have a turnover of less than €53 million (which is around £47 million, as of October 2017).

There are a few other stipulations as well - you can check your eligibility over on the Digital Enterprise site.


Are your plans eligible for vouchers?

You can't just use Digital Growth Vouchers for anything – they generally have to be for closed projects rather than funding ongoing costs, and you will have to explain how it will benefit business performance, and add value to your offering. Job creation is also very important.

So, some of the things you could apply to use vouchers for include (but are not limited to):

A new website

A website can have a huge impact on business performance, and there are a lot of different ways it can add value. For example, adding ecommerce functions can give your customers more flexibility in how they buy, and can create jobs through the need for an ecommerce manager. Expanding content to provide more advice-driven pieces can improve search results and give a more useful experience to visitors, creating jobs through the need for a content manager. And a different user journey can optimise the way you gather information from visitors, helping you to generate leads more effectively, and providing the scope to expand your sales and lead generation teams.

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Marketing software

Digital Growth Vouchers aren't necessarily intended for use in taking care of indefinitely ongoing marketing activity, but they could be used for setting up marketing software. For example, this could be automation software such as HubSpot, which allows you to better track and generate leads. We can help by setting up and implementing the software, whether this means incorporating it into both the front and back-end of your existing website, or including it as part of a redesign. We can also provide training. There's a great deal of potential here for creating new marketing and lead generation roles.


What results are you looking for?

This is something you'll cover as part of your application, but you need to ensure you’re looking at a digital project that will boost employment and turnover for your business. Depending on the type of activity you choose, we can talk you through what results you can expect and when.


What does the funding actually get you?

£1,000, £5,000 or £10,000 worth of digital services can be very difficult to visualise. What does it actually get you? Ask a dozen agencies and you'll get a dozen answers, unless a few happen to charge the exact same day rate…

The (helpful) answer is that it depends on what you want to do. A budget of £10,000 can stretch further for some services than it can for others. All of the projects we've discussed above can come in at under that figure, but there may be limits to what we can achieve.


Fill out our form for a preliminary quote

Select the budget you're working with and the areas you're interested in, and provide us with as much additional information as you can, and we'll send you a preliminary quote for what you might expect to receive from us for that budget. We'll be happy to talk you through it and answer any questions you have, so don't hesitate to give us a ring when it comes through.


Disclaimery bits!

Any quote we send will only be a guideline. While we'll be able to give you a more accurate representation if you provide us with more information about your needs, any quotes given are for illustrative purposes only, and the final quote you receive from us once the project is properly scoped out may be different.

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