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Digital Marketing Strategy in Lockdown (Q&A with Emily Aspinall)

Our relentlessly chirpy social media specialist and creator of all things digitally entertaining shares their take on the lockdown and how businesses need to adapt their strategy to survive.

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Posted by Ren
29 June 2020

Emily had to interview herself for this. Who does she think she is? Tom Waits? We'll let her off, though. She has a lot to say!

Who are you?

My name’s Emily and I’m the Digital Content Creator here at Splitpixel. That means I’m responsible for photography, video, copywriting and most of the funky content that you usually see on social media. I’m also the mastermind behind the Splitpixel Q&A video series, so I’m probably the least liked person in the office!

Being that we’ve all been working from home for the last few months, I’ve used my resourcefulness to film my own lockdown version on my living room floor. I stole a few beanbags and houseplants from work to really set the scene.

How long have you worked at Splitpixel?

I joined Splitpixel back in September 2019. I’ve been with the company for nine months now. Before that I worked as part of an in-house marketing team for a country park down in Kent. After I finished my studies in film production and gained experience working in a marketing role, I returned to my northern roots to pursue a career in digital content!

How have you adjusted to lockdown personally?

I suppose you could say as good as you would expect? Lockdown has been difficult for everybody, but I feel especially lucky to work in the digital industry right now. I would struggle not being able to work during the lockdown, so having a flexible job that can be done from home has been fantastic.

I do miss the dynamic of the Splitpixel office though. I really like everybody that I work with and hanging out with them everyday is an absolute pleasure so I will very much look forward to going back to that.

How have Splitpixel adapted to lockdown?

The whole Splitpixel team has risen to the occasion and supported each other and our clients through these unprecedented times – a phrase I have come to dislike due to overuse. But it’s true, these are really difficult times for everyone, and I feel proud of how quickly we turned things around after lockdown began.

Straight off the bat, we were looking for ways we could support other local SMEs through the pandemic – developing and launching our online order management platform (thelocal.delivery) in a matter of days.

But I don’t think Splitpixel had to adapt all that much. We were already in a prime position to provide support and guidance to our existing clients, and all our new clients that have come to us since the lockdown for help with their website or marketing.

What Splitpixel is good at – and not to blow my own trumpet but what I feel like I’m particularly good at – is reactive marketing. Lockdown put this to the test, and we didn’t disappoint. We’ve always had a knack for thinking on our feet, and let’s face it, that’s what matters most right now.

Times have changed, the way customers behave has changed – the game has changed. Businesses must adapt their approach to survive. And that’s one of our strengths – we’re quick to develop ideas and implement them.

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How have we done this for our clients?

We developed and delivered a community-led social media campaign for our client, Prashad. #CommunityChaat encourages customers of the popular Indian restaurant to donate a little extra when they order takeaway (or directly through their website) which goes towards feeding those most in need in Prashad’s neighbourhood – Drighlington and the wider Bradford community.

prashad splitpixel

This pay-it-forward style campaign has helped Prashad feed key workers throughout the lockdown. Now two months in, they’ve served up free, hot Gujarati cuisine to police officers, ambulance services, care workers and more.

It’s been such a nice thing to be a part of. We’ve published weekly video updates on the campaign across all Prashad’s social media channels – encouraging their community to keep the momentum going, to keep supporting local businesses, donate to the cause and join Prashad in celebrating the hard work of healthcare heroes and essential workers throughout the pandemic.

You can read more on our case study.

What do you think will change after lockdown ends?

Lockdown has had permanent effects on the way we consume. There’s been a huge spike in people spending more time online, and more pressure for businesses to provide access to their services in the digital space. Businesses have needed to communicate with their customers in new ways, with some venturing on to social media for the first time.

I think the biggest takeaway from lockdown will be that people are going to continue to rely on digital payments and services being more readily available online – even for smaller, more local businesses that didn’t really offer that service pre-lockdown.

I’d like to see the #SupportLocal trend continue. Customers have really been advocates for the businesses that they love. We should all try to keep this up after lockdown ends. It will be the smaller businesses that struggle the most, so if we value their services, we need to show that and put our money where our mouth is.

What’s your best lockdown marketing advice?

If you’ve worked with a digital agency in the past, you’ve probably heard us banging on about strategy! We talk about it a lot because it’s important. It’s good to have a plan and to know what your objectives are. Your strategy serves as a guide to make sure that the content you’re publishing across various channels is aligned, serving a purpose and working towards your overall objectives.

And that’s fabulous… when it works. If nothing changes, sure you’ll want to check in on your progress now and again, tweak it here and there, but overall you can be confident in your plan. Now, when a global pandemic hits, it’s probably a good time to change the plan!

The businesses that have done well in lockdown have been the businesses that have not shied away from trying something new – whether that be adapting their services, advertising in new spaces or adopting new ways of communicating with their customers. It’s about stepping outside your comfort zone, trying something new and seeing if it works for you. Use opportunities like lockdown to experiment – or find yourself a digital agency you can trust to take your business forward into the unknown.

Also, read our latest ebook. If there’s one place you need to be right now, it’s on social media. Reconnect with your customers in their space! If you’ve not found the right social media platform for your business yet, our free ebook will help. As one of our most comprehensive ebooks yet, this guide really pulls out all the stops to help you get social.

What’s next?

As lockdown eases and life returns to some semblance of normality, you’re going to want to look your best and feel prepared for what comes next. What’s your exit strategy? How are you communicating your Covid-19 policies with your customers?

We can help you get post-lockdown ready – whether your brand needs a refresh, your website needs some TLC or you want to drum up some excitement on social media as you head towards your reopening date. Get in touch today to see what Splitpixel can do for you.

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