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Hitting the ground running - Q+A with Michelle

Our very own Michelle Millar, often referred to as the Tom Waits of inbound marketing, chats about all sorts.

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Posted by Ren
18 April 2017

Our digital marketing manager Michelle has recently returned from maternity leave. Her new baby boy, Jude, will be celebrating his first birthday soon, and she’s jumped straight back in, getting up to speed with the current marketing activity for several of our clients as well as setting about launching Splitpixel’s next digital campaign.

What better way to welcome her back than to fire questions at her?


Welcome back, Michelle! What’s surprised you most about being back?

Nothing has surprised me, there are a couple of new recruits and we’re working as hard as ever, but there’s still a real feeling of family and team spirit, and working so closely together, it still feels like a tight knit team.

I’m relieved that I can handle the new commute (I moved county when my son was six days old). I’m really getting into a few podcasts now that my journey is 90 minutes each way - I can recommend S-Town!


So a house move, and soon an office move too! Are you excited about it?

Yes, I can’t wait to see our new offices – it’s a huge deal. Although I started working at Splitpixel in 2014, I knew Charlie already, so I’d been to our current office for years even before that. Plus, Lindley is beautiful.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I set my alarm for 6:10, but invariably get up earlier with my kids, grab a coffee, and hustle to get them dressed and out the door on time – bribery is currently working well with my four-year-old. I drop them off at nursery, and then hope there’s not too much traffic on the way to work.

Once I’m at my desk, I check my priorities for the day and then get going. I like to get any copywriting done in a morning when my mind is fresh - I’ve just been writing a client guide on the pros and cons of having pop-ups, which I found interesting to research.

I’m doing a lot of work on our own marketing at the moment, which often gets put on the backburner when we’re busy, so I’m writing a strategy to see us until the end of the year, and starting to task out actions to the team to help me implement it. Then I liaise with our lovely PR partner about the office move, and have a quick look over some client reports before they go out.

I collect my children and get home about 5:45, have a chat about our days, and give my daughter the tablet time I promised her earlier. Then once they’re in bed, I have dinner, clean up, and finally put my feet up.


What are you most looking forward to?

I’m planning our next campaign at the moment, and I can’t wait to get it live! Although I’m eager, I don’t want to put the cart before the horse – I do want it to be well considered to ensure it’s valuable to our clients. I find it so satisfying to watch the conversions rise in HubSpot when we launch a new campaign for us or on behalf of our clients – it’s like a virtual pat on the back.


How do you feel marketing has changed in the nine months you were away?

Obviously, digital marketing is fast-moving, so changes all the time, but the process of engaging with an audience hasn’t changed – it’s all really to do with the psychology of buying and users’ behaviour. So, while there might be innovations in digital marketing and indeed changes in the way Google indexes website which might affect the performance of a website, the principles remain the same – and that’s engaging with users and providing them what they need at the right time.

I’ve kept up-to-date with my industry reading, and some marketers seem to be holding their breath to see what the impact of Brexit will be on the future of their business in the UK. Although this should be a time for investment, some organisations appear to be holding back. It’s an interesting time.


Finally, it’s been a popular 2017 hashtag. Can you #badlyexplainyourjob?

I stalk people with cookies* until they part with their money.

*Not the edible type. Although I have been known to do that as well.

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