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It Was Acceptable in the 90s (Retro Q&A with Rob Evans)

A trip down memory lane with our Content Manager, Rob Evans, as we explore what it means to work in content.

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Posted by Emily
27 February 2020

This month, our Content Manager, Rob, is rating retro 90s highlights from worst to best, while shedding a light on what makes good content, why unique content is crucial, and what makes Splitpixel stand out against other digital agencies.

Read on – or watch our video – as they critique popular 90s movies, games and unforgettable (?) embodiments of the decade. If you're wondering why the written and video versions of this interview are so different, it's probably something to do with multi-channel content and definitely not on-camera awkwardness.

Who are you?

I’m Rob, I’m Content Manager at Splitpixel – I started out as the team's first copywriter, but that's just naturally evolved into being responsible for our content strategy and output more generally, as well as project managing web projects on the side.

How long have you worked at Splitpixel?

About three and a half years, which means I'm still pretty new as people tend to stay here forever.

What does it mean to be a Content Manager?

I think every Content Manager role is probably totally different, but here it means being responsible for content in its broadest sense – what we put out, what we provide for our clients, and why. It means thinking beyond just written content and looking at the strategies behind the content we create. Why is it needed? What is it supposed to do? It also means a lot of sub-editing.

Why is it important to include unique content on your website?

Content is good. People sometimes like to read it (not always, admittedly), but search engines like to read it even more. And no one likes to read the same thing twice, be they human or search engine. So that’s why ensuring your content is unique and varied is so important. Write for your audience but be mindful of SEO as well.

Website Brief Text CTA

What specialism do you bring to the Splitpixel team?

Being from a background in journalism and SEO copywriting, I bring a lot of experience in writing and understanding content, what it looks like and where it goes. I have a good understanding of how you bridge the gap between search and design requirements and meet in a place where everyone is happy, and their website is good.

What’s the best part about your job?

The best part about working here would have to be the team. There aren’t many people here, which leads to a more close-knit group – and despite our size, everyone we have at Splitpixel is really good at the things they do. We deliver really good things! It’s a creative environment, it’s a nice, friendly and positive place to work.

What’s better? Evergreen or in-the-moment?

You’re talking content, not trees? Evergreen would be content that’s always good, always relevant, whereas in-the-moment would be content that’s just kind of good right now. They’re both good for different reasons!

It’s good to have evergreen things because you don’t have to change them, and changing things takes time, which costs money. In-the-moment content is reactive, it’s fun! You’re part of the conversation.

All content is good content, apart from bad content.

Why should clients choose Splitpixel over other agencies?

There’s no one reason why you should choose Splitpixel, really. You should choose us if we’re the right agency for you and we’re not going to find that out until we understand who you are and what you’re about. That’s something that we consider to be really important.

We don’t just hand you a rate card with a list of prices. If you need something from us, we’ll understand what that is and figure out different solutions to make that happen. We’ll put our heads together and work out the best way for your to be able to afford to make that happen.

We’re approachable, helpful – and we aim to be totally transparent and honest with all our clients. We get excited about things too, because we really invest ourselves in the projects that we take on.

You should choose us because you’ve talked to us and you feel like we get you.

Any hobbies?

My hobbies definitely include ordering things from best to worst.

To watch Rob rank iconic 90s fads, films and fascinations – watch the video.

Finally, what makes "good" content?

Good content is content that’s relevant for what you’re trying to do. It’s not there for the sake of it, it has purpose and strategy and clear, measurable objectives. Good content is also content that’s spelled properly. It never hurts to get a second (or third) pair of eyes on your copy before it goes out.


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