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New brand! New website! Same great agency...

We're really excited to be launching v5 of our website, with new branding to match. Don't we look nice?

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Posted by Michelle
31 January 2018

If you think things are looking a bit different around here, it's because we've treated ourselves to a brand refresh and a whole new website!

This is our biggest brand change since we began back in 2008, as our previous four websites were all based around the original design, with ad hoc changes. While it did its job, we'd fallen out of love with the old brand, and could see that there was a need for change – we'd evolved as a company since the last iteration.

"Our previous branding didn't reflect us any more. To remain current, you need to change, and we've had a fabulous year of change – completing our biggest project, employing more team members, and moving offices." – Charlie Herke, studio director.


A new brand

From a top-level perspective, the brand refresh supports our business objectives. While we'd repositioned ourselves as a company, you wouldn't have known it from our brand or website. A rebrand can change both customer perception and your bottom line, while being an excellent PR opportunity and a talking point with current customers.

We've developed some brand recognition since 2008, so we didn't want to fundamentally change the logo. It had been simplified over the years, but we've sharpened the curved edges to make it a perfect square (balanced using a rigid grid to make it geometrically logical), so even the pixel has been updated.


The previous typeface we used was a bit dated, so to create a foil for the straight-edged logo, Rob counterbalanced it with a hand-drawn font to add the human touch.


This brand is more mature, will last longer, and is more representative of who we are. It's also a lot more versatile, so the style can be carried through in everything we produce, regardless of whether it needs to be subtle or bold.


A new website

Just as with the brand, the previous website was no longer a true reflection of our company. It didn't have the feel of the well-established Yorkshire digital agency that we've become over the past 10 years.

"We wanted the focus to be on the content rather than intricate design, so it's been stripped back. The overpowering block colours of the previous iteration have gone, leaving a more grown-up, bold use of white space." – Rob Marshall, lead designer.

The old website was custom-coded from scratch, while the new one is built in WordPress (albeit highly customised), with HubSpot integrated for lead generation and management.

We've structured the new website differently to improve the user journey, have introduced a new resources section, and have brought things to life with some lovely subtle illustrations and animations.

It's easier for the team to contribute to the new site. Instead of sending amends over to the developers for updating, our marketing team can make any changes themselves. The integration of marketing automation software means personalisation can be used throughout. We'll be testing HubSpot features on our site, so that we can take any great results back to our clients.

"We're still the approachable team we've always been, but our professionalism and results focus weren't being represented. We wanted fresh branding that shows that the company's matured – and that we're ready for the next 10 years." – Charlie

So, what do you think? Do let us know, and if you feel like your brand could do with a new look too, get in touch!

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