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Mental Health Awareness Week: 7 more WFH tips for good mental health

Looking after your mental health during social distancing is vital. Let's start by looking at how you approach working from home.

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Posted by Emily
18 May 2020

We’re a solid eight weeks into the Coronavirus lockdown and we think it’s fair to say that everyone’s really feeling the strain at this point. The kids are driving you up the wall, work is slow and stressful - and you desperately need a haircut! We’re right there with you.

The Splitpixel team have been working from home since shortly before the lockdown began, and though our past experiences working remotely have somewhat prepared us for lockdown life, we’ve still had a lot to learn about staying healthy (both physically and emotionally) while being cooped up at home.

Here are our updated tips for working from home to help you feel connected, stay productive and look after your physical and mental wellbeing.

#1: Review your working environment

We’ve all had enough time now to get accustomed to working from home. It’s time to have a good think about how you’ve been getting on. Do you have everything you need (equipment, software etc.)? Your employer should provide you with the necessary tools to help you work from home.

Most importantly, are you comfortable? It’s reasonable to ask your employer for help if you need access to any specialised equipment, like back support for your office chair or a monitor stand so that you’re sitting correctly at your computer. Your wellbeing should be a top priority.


#2: Schedule in some face time

Being away from the office means we see each other less. And while we joke that it’s been a blessing, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t all missing each other terribly. Thankfully, we check in twice a week on a videoconferencing app that allows us to see each other’s beautiful faces while we discuss (mostly) work related things!

face time

#3: Take advantage of new technologies

Over the last two months, the shift to remote working has triggered a spike in the development of new technologies and software designed to keep us connected and make working from home easier. It’s true that “many of the technologies that we take for granted are proving essential to maintaining some semblance of normality” while many more are being developed in response to the lockdown (like improved videoconferencing apps).

Now is an ideal time to explore your options and discover new applications or tools that can help you work more efficiently within your teams and from home. From web design to social media management, the Splitpixel team are always adapting to incorporate effective new apps and software to help us stay ahead of the game, from Airtable  for collaborative content management to Discord for sharing our work screens, memes and day-to-day project chatter.


#4: Work up a sweat

Before the lockdown began, our fit-focused dev team would frequent the upstairs gym (and thankfully, the showers) multiple times a week. But with fitness centres closed to help stop the spread, we’re all having to get creative in our own homes.

Making time for exercise not only helps you stay fit; it helps you sleep better and can be beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing. There are plenty of workout videos online that you can do from the safety of your living room. Check out our non-lockdown neighbours Reform Gym on Instagram for daily workouts, and scroll back a bit further for developer workout content.


#5: Look out for each other

It’s far easier to spot if someone is having a bad day when you’re sat across from them in the office. But working from home can make it difficult to identify when a work friend is having a tough time. Checking in on your colleagues for a quick chat can make a world of difference.

We’ve always been a close team here at Splitpixel. We’ve swapped out pub beers for the occasional Zoom beers, or an evening of games on The Jackbox Party Pack to help us stay connected and let off some steam – highly recommended!


#6: Make the most of your work benefits

If you do feel like you need extra support, check to see if you can access any healthcare or assistance programmes through your employer. Many businesses sign up to these employee assistance programmes to allow their employees to quickly and discreetly access the help they need.

You might find you can access online counselling or phone appointments, which may be safer than venturing out to see your GP. There are also mental health helplines you can call if things start to feel too much. Find out more on the NHS website.


#7: Cut yourself some slack

Yes, it’s important to stick to your schedule. No, you won’t always get it right. The most important thing right now is for you to look after yourself! There is nothing wrong with binge-watching a Netflix series, kicking back with a few snacks and a cosy blanket to enjoy some quality ‘you time’. But try to maintain a good sleeping pattern and work in some wholesome, healthy meals too.

It can be especially difficult for those with children who are trying to maintain the separation between work life and home life. If you can, rearrange your working hours to allow time for teaching, exercise and play – but set clear boundaries for the times where you need to focus on your work. (Again, refer to the advice above and make time to chill out!)


It’s about time we all started to be a little kinder to ourselves, don’t you think? Find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week.

What’s new at Splitpixel?

Quite a lot actually! We’ve been busy helping our clients stay in contact with their customers, launching new websites, battling the damage Covid-19 is having on local businesses with an online ordering platform and some truly epic campaigns, and spilling industry secrets in our latest ebook – designed to help your business nail social media once and for all.

Yes, we’re all still working from home and staying safe. But we’re here if you need us. If we can support you with anything during this time, please ask!

Emails are being picked up, calls are being forwarded to members of the team during our standard business hours (9am – 5.30pm) and we’re more than happy to set up face-to-face meetings via videoconferencing software. Let us know if you have any preferences and we’ll do our very best to accommodate.

In the meantime, stay well everyone and keep in touch!


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