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Splitpixel are helping small businesses with online orders through the Covid-19 lockdown

The Splitpixel team have been working flat out to help local businesses adapt to our new social distancing lifestyle.

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Posted by Emily
25 March 2020

Introducing TheLocal.Delivery

Last week, we launched TheLocal.Delivery – a new website designed to help our much-loved local businesses, cafes and restaurants get set up online and delivering to their customers.

This week, we’ve been blown away by the response from not only the people who’d like to use our platform, but our online community who’ve graciously helped us to spread the word.

Now, our little local project is picking up speed, and with enquiries coming in from across the nation we’re hoping to help anyone and everyone who needs it.

Where did this all begin?

When we realised that small businesses in Huddersfield were having to close their doors because of the pandemic, we knew we had to act. After all, we’re talking about cafés and coffee shops that we’d frequent on lunch breaks, or places our friends and families work. Where would we be without our vegan sausage sandwiches from The Heritage Deli?

But it was our senior designer, Rob Marshall, who had the bright idea. He proposed that we create a platform called TheLocal.Delivery as a means for cafés, restaurants and retailers to quickly set up a delivery and collection service (without the faff of expensive apps).

So, the team hunkered down from their home computers (as we’re all working remotely) and started planning out an easy-to-use website where business owners can take orders, payments and make their own amendments in minutes.

In three days, we went from an idea to a launched website already attracting the attention of our favourite local eateries (like Arcade Coffee & Food) - now that’s true teamwork!

Why use TheLocal.Delivery?

It’s so quick to get set up – we can have you up and running within a day! Not only that, you’re avoiding the hefty fees of other similar websites or apps. We don’t take a cut of every sale and we don’t ask you to pay a subscription fee. The only fees come in if you use PayPal payments - they still take their cut.

Instead of having to juggle phone call and Facebook messages, you have one convenient place where you can manage orders, communicate with your customers and take payments through PayPal (if you want - you can sort payments yourself if you’d prefer). You don’t need your own website or any technical know-how. It’s easy to use and quick to update when your product list or menu changes.

Businesses do still need to sort out the delivery logistics, or any refunds, themselves, but we’re here to support you with everything digital.

What does it cost?

We’re asking for a one-off fee of £50, which includes free hosting while the lockdown lasts. We won’t be sending invoices until businesses are fully settled in and feel comfortable paying them, and we’re making exceptions for charities, non-profits and social groups

How do I get online?

We hope this helps small businesses navigate the new challenges we’re all facing under lockdown. We’re living through some truly peculiar times.

If you’re ready to sign up or you’d like to know more about how we can help, please get in touch with our Content Manager, Rob Evans, who’ll be happy to tell you more!


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