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Starting a new job during a global pandemic

Our newest starter talks about looking for a new job during the COVID-19 pandemic and coming to work for our digital agency here at Splitpixel.

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Posted by Ell
13 November 2020

As one of the many people caught up in the wave of redundancies sweeping across almost every industry since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, I was extremely anxious about finding a new job and – more importantly – a place that wouldn’t make me redundant again if we went into another lockdown.

As of July this year, the number of online job adverts was half what it was the year before so all the jobs I could find to apply for were far more competitive. I also was apprehensive about what the interview and onboarding process would look like when most businesses are, at least in part, working remotely.

I had two interviews for my current role at Splitpixel: one via Zoom and one in the office where myself and my two interviewers were the only three people there – so we could safely socially distance. Although it was weird not being able to shake anyone’s hands, I felt very welcome. It was clear that they were looking for the right person to fit the team so, as much as me being a suitable content writer mattered to them, they also wanted someone who’d complement and get along well with their small team – this was really important to me too!


Despite not being able to meet any of them in person right away, I got to have one-on-one Zoom calls to get to know all my colleagues in my first week. That’s the benefit of working in such a small company and, despite it being very close-knit, they were all super friendly and made me feel like part of the team straight away. 

It feels weird to say but even though I’ve never met some of them in person, I still feel like I can call them my work friends. One of my fellow 2020 new starters, Gonçalo, hasn’t met anyone at Splitpixel in person yet as he is still waiting for the go ahead to make the move from Portugal to join us in (not-so-sunny) Yorkshire – we can’t wait to welcome him!

I’m aware that I’m very fortunate to be part of a growing industry in the web design and digital marketing field. Digital solutions in general are reaping the benefits of a world now turning to online services and ecommerce more and more. Now that we’re all confined to the indoors, the pandemic is having a continuing impact on the way we use the internet. Ofcom have said that we Brits now spend a quarter of our day online.

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For that reason, companies like Splitpixel are being able to comfortably expand without fears of having to make anyone redundant in the near future. I am the third new member of staff to join Splitpixel in 2020, we’ll shortly be joined by a fourth when our new web developer, Max, joins us at the end of the month, and we’re now on the lookout for a fifth! As we’ve been able to offer more digital marketing services to our clients, we’ve been able to expand our team to meet demand – so the marketing team is currently recruiting a digital marketing executive to join them.

My first few months at Splitpixel have been excellent. Charlie, Greg, and the team have really made me feel like a valued member of the company and I feel a lot more secure being part of a business that’s growing and thriving in trying times like these.

I’m really lucky to have been given this job and am even more grateful to be part of such a fun, supportive team. I think that in a time when remote working is the standard, where we’re given a direct view into our colleague’s homes and personal lives (and where children and cats gate-crashing Zoom meetings is the norm), we get to see their true personalities shine. As a result, I think we’re more compassionate, patient, and understanding of each other; we’re all going through this together and we’re all only human!


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