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The three things a business website needs to do to succeed beyond 2018 (Part three)

The third and final part of our blog series on business website best practice in 2018 and beyond is all about generating leads.

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Posted by Greg
3 December 2018

Part three: Converting clients and customers

How many leads are you getting from your website?

What is your company's website for? Whether people can click on a button to buy something or not, it's a sales tool. It's often a potential customer's first interaction with your company, and it needs to make a great first impression – but above all, it needs to start them on that journey to spending some money with you.

Does the most visually engaging design always do this? It helps with grabbing the attention, but if function is lost in favour of form, then the key message can get clouded, and that essential second step in the user's journey is difficult to find. In more outdated designs or builds, key features may just be missing altogether.

So, what does a website need to do in order to generate leads? It should:

  • Provide content that solves a problem a user has – or points them in the direction of the product or service that does.
  • Be visible enough in search engines to be in front of the user when they're researching this solution – whether that's through organic SEO or targeted PPC.
  • Remember information about this user in order to follow up with a refined, targeted offering.
  • Provide all of the tools a user needs to reach out and make contact/make a purchase at the right stage of the journey.
  • Monitor and analyse results to consistently refine and improve.

And these things ideally need to be considered from the very start of the process. Rather than being an afterthought to the design, lead generation, search optimisation and sales strategy should be part of the fundamental building blocks of a website.


Website strategy

Some web agencies are marketing agencies, and some are design agencies. At Splitpixel, we specialise in both – our marketing team are heavily involved in website projects to ensure our clients can hit the ground running on launch.

We provide SEO strategy from the very beginning, identifying the most effective keywords for each page to target based on search volume and the difficulty of the competition, and can also develop an accompanying blog content strategy to expand this keyword reach further.

In addition to this, identifying key service offerings and pages for targeted PPC campaigns through Google AdWords is also key to improving search visibility.

On-page content strategy is essential too – where forms need to be placed to have the most impact, what data they should capture to maximise engagement, and what should be done with this information once it has been gathered. Different options can be A/B tested and refined to improve results.


Time to reflect

Is your site falling down in any of the three areas of design, usability and lead generation?

We hope it's clear how missing just one of them could be holding your website back from actually doing what it needs to be doing – winning new business.  

We've not made you jump through a couple of hoops to get to the end of this article for nothing – we wanted to give anyone genuinely interested something useful, which we offer to prospective clients.

It's a guide to writing a brief for a new website that takes into account all three of these core areas. It offers more information and advice on what a new company website could do for you, and then takes you through a step-by-step process for writing a brief that communicates exactly what you need.

Perfect Website Brief

And, of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.


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