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We're a Digital Enterprise supplier – but what does that mean?

Digital Growth Vouchers from Digital Enterprise are a fantastic funding opportunity for West Yorkshire businesses.

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Posted by Michelle
21 September 2017

Apply for funding for your next digital project with Digital Enterprise

When we started Splitpixel, a little over nine years ago now, one of our main goals was to make web design and digital services easy to understand and accessible for small businesses in our home of Huddersfield and West Yorkshire.

No matter how much we've grown in the years since, we do still take on projects for small businesses in the area, helping them develop their online presence and find a foothold in the digital marketing landscape. This is why we've always been excited to be involved in Digital Enterprise.

Digital Enterprise is Leeds-based programme funded by the city's local authorities and the European Union with the goal of helping SMEs in the city and the surrounding area to grow and expand. It provides workshops, mentoring and funding to help businesses invest in digital, and we've been a Digital Growth Voucher supplier for a while now.

The next round of Digital Growth Voucher funding opens on 28 September, and runs until 8 December – so read on to find out a bit more about how it works, and what we can do to help successful applicants.


What are Digital Growth Vouchers?

Digital Growth Vouchers are grants given to small and medium-sized businesses to help them fund a digital project, such as upgrading to an ecommerce website to help you sell online.

Vouchers are worth between £1,000 and £5,000, and can be used to fund up to 50% of a project. For many small businesses, this can make a huge dent into the costs of designing and developing of a new site.

Up to 200 vouchers are being made available in this round of funding, and they'll go towards the projects that have the biggest potential for growth. It's a competitive process, but it's well worth exploring – read up on the details and the application process for more info.

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What we do

We're here to give businesses the tools they need to thrive online. Whether you're starting from scratch and need guidance through a complete rebrand and strategy, or have a fully formed idea of what you want and just need someone to make it happen, we do it with a minimum of fuss.

We specialise in branding, website design and development, ecommerce, copywriting, social media, and all areas of digital marketing – including SEO and PPC. Access to these services shouldn't just be limited to bigger businesses who can dominate online spaces with big budgets – we help companies of all shapes and sizes, from multinationals to sole traders, find their voice and communicate with their customers online.

As a small business ourselves (we're a hardworking team of just 12!) we understand the concerns and the budgets of SMEs, and we've developed a creative and transparent service that accommodates both.


Digital really makes a difference

Sometimes, something as simple as a new website or a refresh of your online marketing strategy is all it takes to get the enquiries rolling in. It's more of an investment than an overnight success, of course, but we're proud of the results we've been able to achieve for businesses in the Leeds and Huddersfield area.

For example, ecommerce sites can give you a whole new way to sell your products, PPC advertising can expose you to a whole new audience, and an inbound marketing strategy can revolutionise the way you generate leads. The innovation that we – and Digital Enterprise – encourage really does result in improved productivity, competitiveness, and great results for businesses.


Let's make something happen!

So, what do you have in mind? Take a look at our full range of specialisms, and see them in action in our portfolio, to find out whether we're the right agency for you.

Or you can just get in touch for a chat – we'd be more than happy to talk you through what we do, and what we think could make a big difference for your business.

You can also check your eligibility for Digital Growth Vouchers in advance of the funding opening. Remember, that's happening on 28 September, and it'll be running until 8 December. Good luck, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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Say Hello

If you want to know more about what we do, or would like to discuss a project, please email us or fill in the form below to drop us a message.